Restoring backup from one account under a different account, keep customisation

I have the library of my main system regularly backed-up under my account/license.
The library is curated, customised, modified, fixed and whatnots.

I have another account/license (partner’s demo license) used on various cores with a short lifetimes, as they are demo systems.

If I just import a copy of the music files under the second license, I have to redo all the modifications, customisation and fixes. It’s impractical, it’s a big library.

I’d really like to restore a backup of the library from the first account, but under the different account, and benefit from all the work previously done on the library modifications, customisation and fixes.

Is this a use case? Is there a process?



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Hi @Nicolas_Will — Thanks for reaching out.

A Roon backup can only be restored on a Core using the same account that the backup was created on. There is no way to restore a database on another account. You have our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. We appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for the quick answer.

Is there any particular reason for this? Is this a feature that could be put somewhere in the requirements list?

I’ll start digging into the back-up files, see if there is any reverse engineering that is doable…

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