Restoring Roon backup and Roon re-scanning tracks

I’ve moved from the full Roon installation to bare server (Core) version on my 8th gen NUC, I’ve made a backup before and restored it after installing the Core but the software said my music folder has been moved. I’ve pointed it to the correct path (external USB drive) but now it’s re-analyzing all tracks in the library again. Why?
I thought the track info was also stored in the backup. The same seems to happen then I reconnect my USB drive and Windows decides to change it’s drive letter - Roon says it’s lost it’s connection to the music folder and after fixing this, it starts analyzing the whole library again.

I believe roon uses the audio analysis as a positive identification for a given audio file. If the file disappears, then appears again in exactly the same path with the same name, Roon may assume it is the identical file in the database. However, if the path changes (and maybe also for file date changes?) I think Roon performs the audio analysis again to confirm an exact match with your database. This helps disambiguate unfortunate name schemes (like track1.flac) or users having multiple releases/remasterings of the same track with similar metadata.