Restoring Roon backup

I had backed up my roon database to the cloud and now wish to load it into Roon. You see, Sonic Transporter guys help in attempting to fix a broken Transporter told me to delete and rebuild but forgot to mention to backup my database. Well, I had a backup somewhere and found it but cannot seem to load it. The folder is called “Roonbackups”. When I point Roon to that path where Roonbackups live backups cannot be found. Even when I point it to the supposed file “backups” folder it does not recognize. Data lives inside these folders.

What am I doing wrong?

If the backup is too old might it be a format issue, such that the latest versions of Roon are expecting the backup in a different format?

Do you mean that the backup files are in a different file extension?

I guess what I might ask is, there’s a folder called Roonbackups and in that folder are more folders with configuration files and one of those folders is labels backups. Do I point to the parent folder or one of its children? In my case none of them worked anyway. Sucks.

Had you previously used Roon’s built-in backup capability (Settings > Backups) to do the backup?

If so, you can restore from a fresh install as described here, or you can restore from existing install by going to Settings > Backups > Find Backups.

(The folder named “RoonBackups” is the one you want to select, and then Roon will guide you from there.)