Restoring roon following a computer crash/brick

Roon Core Machine

new computer will be intel i7-12700, 64 gb ram, msi motherboard, lots of hdd space

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

ethernet and wifi, a 500gb connection. arris modem, multiple switches. cocktail time for main access to audio system, also sonos beam. I also have a chromecast hooked up to my home theater system. google pixel 6 for roon remote access

Number of Tracks in Library

10000 tracks

Description of Issue

my old computer bricked during windows update. I expect all data is still on the drives. I will build a new one, with those drives as data drives. How do I restore my roon core from the data… i will install roon on the new Windows 10 pc…then what…

You’ll need a backup to restore Roon to its previous state. Other approaches may not work.

If you have no backups, install Roon on the new computer, and then copy the original database over, but be sure to stop Roon first. See this guide to database location.

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where will i find the database in windows 10?. I plan to move the library over, then install Roon. So install Roon, then stop it and move the database over…?

Try C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\Roon\Database

thank you…I will try that…those files should still be accessible

The location is specified in the help document linked in my earlier post.

Don’t move the files, copy them. Moving will destroy your last working database.

Yes, got it…I would copy and paste…I should not have used the phrase move.

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Let me know how things are going, @Jim_Fuerstenberg. We’ll be happy to help if you are still stuck!


will do…almost done with assembly of the new pc…now to see if it posts and if so, to reload windows

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I copied the old database file , unauthorized my old core and designated the new location of my library…my library has about 11000 pieces of music, roon only imported 3812… and now shows watching for new files in real time…the import counter has stopped. I looked at the folder where my library is located and all of the music folders are present…why can roon not see all of the folders?

HI @Jim_Fuerstenberg,

Are the folders on a local disk, external, or networked location?


they are on a local disk and now, after an hour or so, roon seems to have found the files…now I will try to get the remote app working again.

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I’m glad things have changed. Let me know how things go and if I can help!


Wes, hi I created a new post. Now the roon app on my pixel 6 will not connect, but roon ark works

Hi @Jim_Fuerstenberg,

I wish I had an android device to give you an exact set of steps but I don’t so I’m going to wing it :slight_smile:

If you can go to your settings>apps and find the Roon app, please force stop, clear cache, and uninstall. Then go to Play store and reinstall Roon Remote 2.0.

Please let me know if that doesn’t do the trick.


Ok Wes…I uninstalled and rebooted the Pixel 6, (no way to clear cache…), reinstalled roon, it was still not connecting. Then I closed and opened my roon for windows (the core)…then the phone found it asked for permission to connect and it worked… Thanks, it had asked for and been granted permission to connect when I first restored roon…but apparently it needed it again and could not find my prior permission…or something like that. Thanks for all of your help!

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Enjoy the music, Jim!

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