Restoring the little "hint" dots in the initial UI

I setup a profile for my wife and installed the remote on her iPad. I checked to make sure things were working, etc. and no longer have those dots to help her explore. Is there a way to re-initialize them?


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Hi @pstrisik,

At this time there is not a way to manually re-enable the UI help messages in Roon. The help messages will only appear on a new remote installation and once gone do not come back.

Thanks for the answer Dylan. Two good things happened. On my wife’s first orientation, she took to it better than I expected. Asking the right questions and curiosity leading her to explore on the iPad. Second, and just now, she installed remote on her phone, so will have those hint dots there!

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What if one uninstalls Roon at that location and gets rid of preferences? Won’t a fresh installation re-enable the UI help messages? Accounts are all managed by the Core (?), so you wouldn’t lose anything by cleaning everything out, would you?

It would be nice if you could toggle the Help back on in Preferences or Accounts.

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