Restricted number of genres in Roon?

Hi. I have about 45 to 50 genres defined in Apple’s Music. When I list genres within Roon, however, it never shows all genres, but a considerably shortened list of about 23 genres. Did I do anything wrong or is the number of possible genres restricted in Roon?

Roon usually displays a collection of top genres in your library. Choose one to get access to sub-genres.

PS: If you didn’t change your import settings Roon doesn’t use your (file) genres.

Thanks. In import settings I ticked both, Roon and file genres. The genres shown in the Roon list are partly my own, but utterly incomplete. Is there a limit to the length of the list within Roon?

AFAIK no there isn’t.

Note: Genres life in a hierarchical structure. You might have to access a top genre to be able to see the sub-genres therein. E.g.: Open Pop/Rock to see Heavy Metal.

Thanks BlackJack. In fact, I didn’t know the sub-genres trick. Then there is the barely legible “show all 60” that I missed before.

I’m coming from a different angle, I want fewer genres, but was unaware of the genre editing possibilities. More lock-down time filled…

Hello @WKW, glad to see you got some help here! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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