Retaining the Queue

Hi all. With apologies if this has been asked before; when I am listening to my selection and the queue comes into play, I go through the queue and thumbs up and down and select what I want to hear. So far so good.

If I then want to listen to a radio station can I save the queue to either resume or restart it later. At the moment I use another device, swap to that and then return to the first device and resume.

I think that I can save it to a playlist, but parking it up for the duration of the radio programme would be “nicer”.

Thanks in advance - Terry

You queue is non-destructive, so playing live radio won’t destroy the queue. Stop radio and return to the queue and click play from here.

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Thanks Martin, I hadn’t noticed that was the case.

I appreciate you taking the time to reply.

Regards - Terry

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