Retro computers are cool

Don’t forget the MSX. It was the first computer my family bought back in 1984 when I was 6/7.

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And the Tandy TRS80 and the Dragon 32 which was a close UK variant
So many cool computers I owned :thinking:

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I started with and stayed with built computers. First was an 8088 with an AMD EGA Wonder card, two 5 1/4" floppies, amber monitor, 640k.

I was 36 in 2008, and had just moved 12 hours into the future. Thought I’d better get connected.

A mate of mine worked as a tech for Tandy Corp said “Trash 80” , I think he had seen a few to many perhaps.


I had sort of forgotten about that denigration of a name :grin:

It has been a long time since those heady days of the early home computer revolution

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This is a fun thread.

I won a 600 XL with a cassette-tape drive in a radio station (WLUP or WXRT in Chicago) contest when I was 12, and then got a 1200XL later. Stochastic graphics and aliasing on purpose! Magazines with code in! Late nights messing with code at the very edge of my understanding.

Reading The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder got me very excited about computers and code indeed. It’s still a great read.

I think my dad had an MSX-20 to run music software on… Midi controlling a Yamaha DX7 module, maybe?