Retro: TASCAM Master 424 Studio C-60 High Bias Type II Cobalt Cassette

There is probably nothing that likes to be taken out of the drawer again. Now the good music cassette is coming back to life with a new product.

It seems to appeal exactly to the nerdy type who collects virtually everything that helps the music market.

Type II is the one most liable to print-through.

Would have more interesting if they were Type IV.

I have been copying a lot of old off-air cassettes using a restored Nakamichi Dragon and a Merging Anubis (awesome bit of kit). With this setup the limiting factor is the original recording particularly with an unstable analogue tuner at the start of the chain…

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Some of us( admittedly it is a slim minority :innocent:), have never " left" their tapes in the drawer.

Still got some nos Fuji Metal tapes for recording purposes as well as about 700 tapes, mostly pre-recorded but some home stuff via a Nakamichi ZX7.

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Pro premium ?

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Premium. I haven’t gone above 192 yet. If I do a live recording I would.

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