Return ability to click anywhere on the gray bottom bar to open up the now playing mode

In 1.7 we could click pretty much anywhere on the lower bar to open the now playing screen. In 1.8 that area is restricted to just the left side of the song progress bar. Is this something that could be brought back? Or at least include the space to the right of the progress bar?


Yes I agree with this.

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Hopefully the title actually makes sense now. but I also want to to make sure I am explaining it correctly.
omething I really, really miss from 1.7 was the ability to click pretty much anywhere on the bottom gray controls bar to have it open the now playing view. It has been limited to only the left side blank space between the album and the waveform, but the is also the blank space on the right side that has is not needed for anything. The area in the red square is what I am referring to. Clicking there does nothing so I would really love it if I could also click there to open the now playing window, just like it was in 1.7. Thanks!

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