Returning to Focus, selection locks up

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

SOtM router

Connected Audio Devices


SOtM streamer
Lyngdorf 3400 Amp Streamer

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

iPad Air
My Library/Albums/Focus/Release Date/View More

Detail chart enables selection of specific date range

When selecting an Album, then going Back < to Focus, the Date chart remains and can be adjusted

When selecting an Album from the specified Date range then going through further links (eg another Album) then going Back < Back < to Focus, the Date chart can be locked with no values, or the Focus Table appears but spins and doesn’t refresh

The only way I’ve found to reset is to close Roon on the iPad and restart it, going through the same selection path


Hey @Andrew_Stoneman,

Thanks so much for taking a moment to report this and for your incredible patience while we got a chance to see this thread and reply. We are sorry it took us this long :pensive:

It seems that this behavior can be reproduced with regularity. Is it the same in 100% of the cases? Is it still happening on your end?

Hi Rebeka,

Sorry for delay in my reply

These photos show how the year focus gets locked up

What I’m doing is searching Albums from a given year, say 2011

I get the decades, then can move the lines on the chart. The year’s albums appear and I can browse and select and listen

(I think) if I don’t go too far from the first selection ie just play some tracks then go < back < I still get the years chart and can move the year selection lines

If I go off at a tangent and click more links (from the first played LP) then try to go < back <The chart isn’t there and I get those ‘blank’ and unresponsive screens

The only solution is to close Roon on the iPad and start again
Album>Focus>Date etc etc