Revert Merge of British Invasion Box Set?

I stupidly merged my Rhino British Invasion collection into one album, losing all the art (it chose Vol 6, for some reason).

I’d like to undo the merge. I’ve seen conflicting posts. Can anyone give me a step by step, like I’m a 63 year old guy stuck in his house for a month?


Can you not undo the edit in a similar way you created it? I’d need to find an album I’d merged to check

We can walk you through it, but the simplest is to restore from a backup made before the merge if that is sensible.
Is it?

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@BrianW I’m willing to do that but not sure how to do a restore…

There are a bunch of folders under restore. Not sure which to use…

The most recent? They’re all dated.
However, if you’re you’re going to try that, do a backup of your current state first.

If none of the above work or you don’t want to restore a backup then you could do the following:
Make a complete copy of the folder that contains the album, somewhere that Roon is not Watching.
Double check that you have made a complete copy (especially if you do not have a backup of your audio files). If in doubt, stop and do not go any further!
Delete the folder containing the album in the Roon Watched folder.
In Roon Settings | Library | Clean Up Library. This will make Roon forget all about the albums.
Copy the album back to where it was in the Roon Watched folder.
Roon will then reimport the albums unmerged.

If you are at all unsure of any of the above steps, please ignore this method as you could end up losing the audio files.

I was assuming that your merge had just been done, and you wanted to undo it. If it happened a while ago, then we can try a manual method…

Yes, so if the restore option is not suitable, then fix track grouping is a safe (and not too complicated) route.

yes, the merge had just been done and nothing else. so, just restore from most recent backup ?

Thanks guys–restore did the trick!

That’s the simplest.

Doing the manual edit way is straightforward enough, but, having been there myself, finger trouble can always occur and you end up being more confused than ever.

So, go for it.

Ah ha! You beat me.

Very pleased you’ve sorted it out, well done.

Now enjoy the albums!

And, just made my FIRST PLAYLIST in Roon: “British Invasion”. Thanks again!! Say healthy!

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