Revising metadata

Love ROON but the metadata for classical still needs some work. If I override the ROON metadata selection the number of boxes to check is absurd. Forgetting that most of these selections are not even clear to the average soul.
Suggest there should be a global override checkbox…ignore all and use my metadata.
Also, why is there no “conductor” box.
Cannot simply list by conductor.

Mistake…in the above

Why is there no “composer” box to select…this is, to my mind, the most signifcant parameter.

I find this a bit cumbersome as well. When I’ve got something either MIA or incorrect in the metadata that is grabbed, I try to edit under the “metadata preferences” tab, and almost without fail nothing changes to my own file and metadata info (often with careful editing of the metadata in my own files). Only if I go to “identify album” and go through the process of denying all of those choices (sometimes the “correct” identification contains poor metadata) and click “use basic file info” can I get where I need to be. Should’t the “metadata preferences” tab have this option without the many extra steps?

When Roon gets things right with classical stuff it’s a joy, when it doesn’t, it seems like I have to do 3 times the work to get it right.