Revisit: Network error please check your internet connection

Got a new router and am getting this error on all my Roon devices.
My internet connection is fine. Only Roon is seeing a problem.
I can’t access Qobuz or Live Radio via Roon.
The Qobuz app and other streaming radio- not in Roon - works fine.

Solutions tried: uninstalling and reinstalling Roon Core and Roon client on the laptop;
Turned off router and all roon devices: core and endpoints, and the brought them up again starting with the router and then Roon Core.

Any ideas?

any novel security features activated?
check router web administration.

Okay, found the issue.
DCHP settings on the network adapter on my Roon Core. Apparently they flipped b/c of the router change. Reset and it’s all working now. But odd that it didn’t affect any other networking issues.


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