Revisiting Profile Permissions

It’s hard to ask a question like this without trying to design the answer, but I was wondering if any progress has been made on adding some kind of scheme that would allow Roon to distinguish user profiles between play/edit and play-only. That way, no one can go in and delete or mutilate things either intentionally or accidentally.

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Check in the Feature Suggestion section, I think that may have already been requested. If not, you should add it.

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It looks like the topic gets knocked around, but it’s not anything urgent.

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The feature request exists as you surely know, and Roon never talks about future plans, so …

Already requested many times but Roon do not comment on progress for any feature or even give any indication of priority.
One might think it would be trivial to password protect the ‘Settings’ menu for example but I suppose if it was then we would have that feature by now?

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