REW correction what did I do wrong?

I have measured my speakers with REW and a measurement mic, got some graphs that looked as I expected and then created some filters to use in ROON. Applied them but they sound awful. What have I done wrong?

Grant -

If you want some advice (not from me, as I know nothing about REW) you’re going to have to be a lot more specific about things.

Some posts are in order, 1) the REW graphs you’re working off, 2) any REW graphs you made after applying the filters, 3) your signal path, 4) device setup, etc.

Plenty of people to give opinions, but you have to appear serious in your question.



This thread A guide how to do room correction and use it in Roon has plenty of info. If you post your graphs there’s a few folk who are generous with time and advice there.