Ridiculous system requirements for Graphics!?

Hi there…

just today i wanted to add a USB3.0 docking station in order to set up several notbooks and PC on my two screens in my home-office with only having to plug a single USB 3.0 cable.

The USB dock is capable of handling two 1080p screens simultaneously, i dont need more. both screens are 1080p. But roon wont start now. “Roon could not find WGL funtions required to initialize OpenGL” is says. Everything works but Roon. Handling two 1080p livestreams at once, no problem, but my audio server software wont start!?!?

Come on! Do you guys intentionally try to make peoples’ experiences with roon bad? All drivers are up to date. Are you serious? A dock which can handle 2xFullHD cant handle roon? I do get why Roon needs more CPU power than a normal audio server software für conversions and resampling and room correction on the fly… But graphics? seriously???

The engine in roon needs open GL 3.0. if your splitter doesn’t present as a capable device I guess it won’t work.

Just as context, this is not a high end requirement. Open GL is probably the the most common graphics standard around, and 3.0 was released more than a decade ago.

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This is a common problem when somebody builds a device (hardware or software) that emulates another device, but doesn’t capture all the subtle characteristics of the original, which may be a reasonable choice, but doesn’t document the limitations (or at least not in a form comprehensible to non-experts).

The USB docking station pretends to be a display but isn’t completely, and Roon with OpenGL needs something it doesn’t implement.

In another thread there is a guy upset that a NAS, which emulates storage, doesn’t provide notifications when files are added. Exactly the same kind of problem.

Hi I have the same Open GL issue running on an older dell server T310 and windows server 2019. Roon simply won’t start. The T310 video is probably old and being a server, not graphically oriented. There are no spare PCI slots to try to install an different card. What I don’t understand is why CORE only needs video support. I can see Server as it is user oriented. I did a search for Windows Core only installations, but there do not seem to be any. Is there a way forward?

Yes, we have core-only packages that don’t require OpenGL. Under ROON SERVER on the downloads page: Roon Software Downloads - PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS | Get it Now

Hi. Thanks. When I clicked on Download, the page it displayed had the large Windows PC software download; which I did. I did not scroll down to select one of the options for Server, full, etc. Maybe the Download selection should have the larger Windows Software button simply go down to the individual software selection screen. I simply forgot to go look.

Thanks for you response.