Right channel suddenly drop out

Got a new iPad Pro. When i installed my back-up from the old one, the Roon app did not install. Got a new one from app-store.
When i now play a dsd 128 track the right cannel suddenly drops out.
This did not happen when i had the old iPad.
I have a suspision that the old settings did not transfer to the new installed app.

Audio does not go through the iPad – it is purely a user interface for the Roon Core.

The iPad also contains very few settings itself (mostly just for the UI). The audio-related settings all live in the Roon Core so a new iPad can not impact existing audio settings.

This is most likely a cable that got kicked out or some other setting change.

Can you describe your setup in a far more detailed manner?

Probably a glitch. Played the same tracks today, no problems. Have a nuc i7 with rock cabled to a Lumin d2. Never had this problem before.
You can close this.

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