Right justified output with ropieee

Hi, i was wondering if there is an easy way to output right justified instead of i2s (perhaps one of the preconfigured DAC hats is using it?) Or can I simply change something in the alsa config?


I’m not sure what you mean with ‘right justified instead of i2s’.

I know not enough to explain it, but its a definition on the relationship between the word and the data clock signal (I believe the right justified is a clock cycle behind or ahead of the “standard” i2s format, thus you can convert it with hardware delaying the i2s for a cycle) but it should be possible to do this in the software domain and that’s what I’m looking for. Most DACs take i2s, right and left justified signals but some DACs or implementations demand for one specific format (as does mine, thus the question)

But how do you have your DAC connected then to RoPieee?

Pi into Kali reclocker into the dac via i2s (at the moment there is a hardware conversion from i2s to right justified which I want to pass by)

ok now at least I understand it :wink:

I would stick with the hardware solution. A software solution isn’t that easy.

Ah OK, thanks for the quick information :slight_smile:
I thought there is an easy software way to get a right justified signal. like some alsa fiddling, perhaps even already implemented because one of the preconfigured hats needs right justified… and I could then polish the data and clock signal up a little bit by making a more direct connection to the DAC chips :wink: