RIP Chick Corea


Very sad. Rest in peace.

Sad news. Highly talented, highly influential. In the six degrees of jazz, he was only one degree separated from generations of greats.

Oh no, last few times pre-covid I heard him live in SF he was so engaged, so expansive, so vital. Can’t believe I won’t ever delight again in his ability to improvise from so many different musical ideas and cultures with such warmth and humor.

This news made me very sad. I have loved his music and his contributions to the world of jazz. He will be missed.

Listening to some of his incredible renditions of Chopin. He will be missed.

It has been said many times that Chick Corea was the most technically proficient of all the jazz pianists of his generation, which is saying a lot. However the great thing about Corea is that he never played to show of his monstrous technique, rather he played from his heart and used that wonderful technique to touch the hearts of his listeners.


Sad news, indeed.

One of the greats. :frowning:

Oh wow, very sad. First the news (a little while ago) that Keith Jarrett is no longer able to play, and now this.

As musicians Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett are immortals but they are still human and humans are all mortal. I am always saddened when we loss a giant. Luckily Chick Corea lived a long and very productive life and left us with so much great music to be enjoyed over and over.


Massive loss to the music world. Mind blowing the amount of music he created and contributed to. Very sad.

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Return to Forever for him…
A huge loss for us.


Rick Beato’s tribute (includes Chick’s last message to us all):

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Thank you Andrew for the link.

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Yep it is. Very accessible to fans and truly enjoyed his craft. Saw him w RTF ‘76 @ ( golden age of fusion ) Warfield in SF. He played 20 min encore medley from light as a feather to no mystery .

I am a huge fan and I never got to see him in concert. I just found out while viewing the front page of AllMusic :persevere:

Shame. Although I am not into jazz have three of he’s albums, Light as a feather, The leprechaun and Chinese butterfly. Will have to purchase Return to forever as a homage to him, did have the vinyl version long ago.

return to forever, mad hatter!