RIP Damien Lovelock

Just woke up to read that Damien Lovelock is no longer with us.

The Celibate Rifles were part of the soundtrack of my life as a young adult. Opinion in my shared Melbourne student house was that they were “pretty good for a Sydney band”. I never got to see them live, which was a big mistake.

Here’s Damien doing his solo version of Disco Inferno:

And the Celibates as I knew them - Jesus on TV:

Here’s a podcast tribute from 3RRR Livewire:

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Oh - ffs - I had no idea. RIP Damien :cry:

I did see the Celibate’s quite a few times & interviewed Damien twice.

That totally made me smile - likely the sentiment of Melbourne band goers of that era. I totally get what is meant & more praise than those without the Aussie dry humour realise.

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