RIP Dave Greenfield

Keyboard legend Dave Greenfield, all time member of The Stranglers sadly passed away last Sunday.

No more heros anymore …


I remember seeing them play in Edinburgh and will forever remember the end of Genetix - where Dave played the final note as the lights dimmed. Very atmospheric. And they were great live.

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RIP. What a great band - so unique a sound, couldn’t really quite put them in any standard genre box. Taken by Covid. This is sad.

Very sad indeed - RIP Dave!

Whilst likely more New Wave than Punk, they grew out from any genre defining moniker and were rather an oddity in a good way. Saw them live also - gosh how times fly - I remember feeling somewhat apprehensive being so young and having to remain ‘safe’ amongst all the ‘scary’ punks! :laughing:

The Stranglers were the first band I went to see - and I was somewhat surprised that some people were being frisked at the door to the venue. Hugh Cornwell did the punk thing of shouting a few insults at the crowd, but the music was brilliant.

I don’t recall any door frisking in Australia (back then) - just bloody scary bouncers!!!

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