RIP Dave Roback

Sad loss to music a wonderful guitarist and sadly no more Mazzy Star. He was a unique part of their sound. :sob:


Yes indeed sad news. :cry:

And let’s not forget Rain Parade - first album & then EP (in particular) great examples of the ‘Paisley Underground’ sound & Opal (David Roback/Kendra Smith ex- Dream Syndicate). They only released 1 album, but it was great and arguably a precursor to the much loved sounds of Mazzy Star.

They are rerealsing Opals album as it’s been out of circulation for a long time, look forward to hearing it as I never got round to it.

Opal_Happy Nightmare Baby

I can’t recall buying this CD. Label says on SST Records. I have an original copy on vinyl. It’s certainly not essential, then again a bit of a ‘lost/forgotten’ gem. It probably deserves a re-release. Likely with the passing of David, it will garner more interest than it did at the time.

Cheers. :smile: