Rip Glen Campbell

The Rhinestone Cowboy has ridden into the sunset. RIP Glen.

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Indeed. Oddly enough, I grabbed a couple of his albums on TIDAL the other day…

Rhinestone Cowboy (Expanded Edition)
Rhinestone Cowboy - The Best Of Glen Campbell


My dad used to play him a lot when I was a kid - mostly I think because he actually was a “lineman for the county” (well, the South Eastern Electricity Board actually, which lyric-wise Jimmy Webb sensibly decided not to run with) Sad to see another legend leave us. I too dug out the greatest hits today and gave it a spin. RIP Glen.

supposedly a very talented guitarist, too…he was known for his many sessions work (rat pack?) supporting other artists…long live True Grit (the original flick), a classic with Campbell, John Wayne and that oh so hot Kim Darby.:heart_eyes: