RIP Mark Hollis

Oh boy, just read Mark Hollis died. Thanks for all those amazing songs.


Oh noooooooooo, that is soo sad.

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Yes, heartbreaking, played his songs countless times.

Colour of spring is one of my most played albums would certainly be one of my desert island discs… rip mark

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A time for passing

In times of great sadness, listening to Mark Hollis is good for the soul.

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Spirit of Eden would be in my top 10 albums - with Laughing Stock not far behind.

Wealth - written by Mark - was about his brothers’ death. It could equally apply to him now.

Create upon my flesh
Create approach upon my breath
Bring me salvation if I fear
Take my freedom

Create upon my breath
Create reflection on my flesh
The wealth of love
Bear me a witness to the years
Take my freedom

Create upon my flesh
Create a home within my head
Take my freedom for giving me a sacred love

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Very sad news. What a musical journey he took us on in such a short space of time!
When something like this happens it’s like part of your youth has also gone and a reminder that so much time has gone by


Sad. His soloalbum is one of my most favorite albums ever.


I remember playing The Colour of Spring to my housemates in the eighties. They stopped stirring me about audio that day.

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Bloody shame, a bunch of us where talking about him the other day. Time for some Talk Talk

Universal, timeless.

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