RIP Prince, very sad news

Just heard that Prince died at 57. Very sad news.


Way before his time.

Indescribably talented.

First Bowie, now this.

What a year. :frowning:

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Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad
Sometimes I wish life was never ending
And all good things, they say, never last

Saw him a few years back at MSG – easily top 5 shows ever for me, despite being seated in the last row of a giant arena.

What a legend.


He was on tour last week. Briefly hospitalised with the flu, played a show in Atlanta and returned home feeling worse. A mobile crime lab has entered Paisley Park, but that could just be standard procedure. Rumours of HIV status and Jehova’s Witness medical strictures abound.

Composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer:

One of the bands you can hear in Heaven:

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True Genius. Minnesota Legend. Musical Pioneer. You are missed. May your soul rest in Peace.

Some more great Prince stuff flying across my FB feed: