Ripped albums, Roon data and location after changing core

How I should import my data to another computer without losing all tags hearts etc? My nuc died so I returned to my Mac mini temporary but as I can see after importing from backup my “phisical” albums lost all information like tags etc.
It would be very stupid if Roon checks only location of files which of course changed (still the same drive but another path).
I hope I did it wrongly…


Are you aware of this guide? If not it’s well worth a read, follow the instructions and see how you get on …

Hope it helps.

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You restorers latest backup during setup and edit the storage path to point to the new location once it’s restored. You then need to leave it to go through and preform the relinking. During this process it will look like it’s importing it in as new but it relinks at the end of the process. Just leave it until it’s done. Moved my library around a few times and this just works without issues.


Thank you guys! :slight_smile:
Yes you are right. Now it looks better. I think I’ve just added new location instead of editing an old one. I can see my tags…
I need my Rock back :slight_smile:


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