Ripped CD Anonym on my Nucleus Hard-Drive


I have ripped all of my CDs to the hard-drive of the Nucleus. Many of the CDs were not directly recognized when ripping - but via the Roon System I was able to identify afterwards.

Now I would like to change to a bigger Nucleus + with a bigger new hard drive - as it was getting clear that my current hard drive is already close to the limit.

I have made a backup of all my music. But I found out that all CDs that was not directly recognized by Roon are saved as anonym on my hard Drive although it was identified later in Roon.

Do I go a risk that on my new Nucleus I have to research all of the CD once more? Or is there any possibility to save the knowledge in Roon that the CD which I ripped at a certain date/time is belonging to a certain artist and his record.

Or is is possible to ask Roon to rewrite the date on the internal storage? to avoid that I am copying anonym CDs?

Thanks for your help with your knowledge and experience.


The built in backup Roon has should take care of this. It saves all meta-data Roon has found and what you have entered yourself. Make sure to keep the folder/file structure when you copy music files to the new SSD. When Roon is started on the new Nucleus a restore of a recent backup will do it. Note that the backup within Roon does NOT backup your music files, only data about them.
I’d think it is a good idea to alert @support here to make sure you do things the right way

Hello Ogs

many thanks for the good info. I will instruct Roon for a backup on my Apple Capsule and I will keep the Folder structure according as I have it copied from the Nukleus. I copied the internal storage folder with all folders in one move - and in the same way I will copy it on the new hard drive in the new Nucleus +.

many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Ralf_Gerhardt,

When you’re moving to a new device you’ll want to make sure you follow the instructions outlined here. Let us know if you have any questions!

Hello Dylan,

many thanks for your advise.

Meanwhile I have connected the Nucleus +. Also before doing this I have created a backup, but as I was not able to instruct to the Roon Software the correct track that was requested and because Roon was proposing Dropbox - I was creating a folder in Dropbox and have created the Backup in Dropbox.

The installation of the Nucleus itself (before copying my music) was working very smooth. I deactivated the old core and activated the new one. I was defining the Audio-Player (Project RS2 Digital) and was connecting to Qobuz. Everything went well and Roon was identifying all Record from Qobuz which I had marked to be in my Bibliothek.
Beside my profile I was recognizing the profile of my Hifi Dealer who was helping me to input the Hard-Driver in the Nucleus.

To Copy my Music in the internal storage was taking some time. But after some first problems and with doing the copying in smaller steps I was able to copy the around 211 GB of music with a lot of anonym rips which were identified in the Roon - but was not capture in the metadata when ripping the CDs

After I had copied my music I was activating the hard drive and the Roon System was loading my music. After this was done I was asking the Roon System to Analyse my Music with 5 Core Speed.

After reviewing my Bibliothek I have the following outcome - on which I would like to have you advise and help.

Firstly I have to say that from the 350 anonymous CD rips most of the CDs were identified. Only around 44 CD are showing up in my Bibliothek without the identification of the record. And many of these are the second CD of a double CD on which I have to shift manually the songs one by one to the places of the second CD.

But after I was going into the Roon after a while of a break - the Roon system was suddenly not recognizing my account (yesterday around early afternoon) I had to input my new Account new and also I was asked another time to define the storage of my music. I was getting a little bit concerned when I was recognizing that suddenly not my profile was activated but the profile of “Thomas” and my profile “Ralf” was only on the second place. the profile of my Hifi Dealers “Alois” and “Henry” were not existing anymore.

Because of the possibility my Account was hacked I was creating a new password. (do you know of any Problems that Roon was hacked?).

I was activating another time my internal storage and the Songs were uploaded and analyzed a second time.

The result is somehow the same. -

Beside the need to identify of a number of CDs which were not identified I have One Bug I have now in my Bibliothek - which I would like to get your advise. for number of CD I have a wrong Picture of the Album presenting the record in the Bibliothek.
for example for a classical CD I have the Picture of a record of Dire Straits (which I also have). It seems that Roon is mixing the pictures of my albums and is repeating a number of pictures to many records.

If you are “clicking” on the Record it is showing you immediately the correct picture of the record with the songs and the description of the record. But if you go in the Area of identitying the album and also to choose the picture - Roon is not proposing the correct picture but only the wrong one. Because of this I was not able to change easily the picture. And to scann the picture and upload it as your own picture is much to much work and not an alternative

my question - is this general problem of Roon and the technical people are working on get this fixed.
or is this a problem (mixed pictures in my Bibliothek (around 40-60 CD from around 500) related only to my special situation - and can I try to solve with my backup.
Why suddenly a different profile (of a person Thomas - born 1960) was showing up in my Roon?
Will it be in the future possible to have the information that Roon is identifying about a record/CD to input in the Metadata of the Record to avoid in the future such problems?

sorry for the long description but I wanted to provide you exact info as possible of what has happened to provide you a good picture of the situation.

Thanks for your support.


Hello Dylan, Roon

meanwhile I was able to get the problem with the wrong cover of the CD in the Bibliothek solved. This was possible by adjust the options for importing music.

Sorry for my long decription - I would consider that currently I have only to identify a second time around 20 CDs - and afterwards I have my Bibliothek complete.