Ripping CD incomplete metadata - how do I add a label

Just ripped two albums into Nucleus using 1.8 (it’s great)
One album showed up with all the data, album art etc.
The other showed up as shown in the attached

No title or album or cover art or track names but the right number of tracks and run times. I found and tried the manual search which did not work.

This is an old album that has been reissued and perhaps relicensed so that’s probably why it is not showing up. It’s not showing up on Tidal either which is why I bought the CD.

Is there a way I can manually enter artist and album title?


Hi @Christopher_Korody

This happens when Roon isn’t able to properly identify an album that’s been ripped. There are a couple of options:

1 - Manual Identification

If we have data on this album, you can manually identify it and Roon will apply the data we have for the album. You can learn about that here in our Help Center:

2 - Manual Entry

You can enter the information in yourself by editing the albums and tracks. Just click the 3 dots when viewing the album and choose Edit. Here you can manually enter data.