Ripping CD’s into Roon , also editing current library

Hi, using latest version of roon Sept 2021, Nucleus, meridian 218 and 52oo dip. I have about 1000 albums . My library and versions and tracks is kind of screwed up from bad edits. Is there anyway to undo all your edits anD return to original state? Also i seem to be having issues with merge and album collections. I make the right selections per instructions but all the covers remain in sight in the library after the merge?

It’s a
Getting messy. I may have to re-rip a lot?

Hello @Tony_D,

I’m sorry to hear you have so much data to organize on your hands. 1000 albums is a significant amount, but I am hopeful bulk edits could help:

It’s worth noting that any edits you’ve made in Roon have not altered the information in your original files.

Hey @Tony_D,

I wanted to follow up and see if the information I shared has helped at all? Can we still help? :nerd_face: