Ripping CD’s to Nucleus with my Oppo

I have a Oppo 105. Is there a way to use it to rip CD,s and add it to my Nucleus If not I have a portable ripper that I can attach to my Mac. What is the best software to use for this ?

I do not believe that there is any way to rip CDs with the Oppo. You can do this with your portable drive and your Mac but I can’t help you with a Mac software recommendation.


Ah. I fully agree but I was not certain that a Mac version was available.

I just came across this :
Is this still available ? Do I need to enable anything within Roon ?

No just plug in a drive and away you go.

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Thanks. I will try this tomorrow. Assuming it see my CD drive, will it automatically add the CD to Nucleus?

If you stick a disc in it yes it should just start ripping. You will see this in the webui of the Nucleus.

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Will I get a option to what folder I want the CD in?

It’s in the instructions that were offered.

So I attached the CD drive and the web interface does not see it. I have tried refreshing it to no avail. Anything else I can try? BTW Apple does see it and was attempting to import before I stopped the operation

Did you plug the drive into the USB port on the Nucleus?

I have the Nuc/Rock setup and it rips using the LG USB drive attached to the Nuc. Nucleus works the same way.

No Had it plugged into my Mac. I have both USB used at the time being. I’ll need to disconnect my DAC and leave the HD attached .

Ok, that is the issue. I have 3 USB ports on my Nuc, one for backup drive, one connecting to OPPO and one for the CD drive. Is your music stored on an internal Sata drive?

no not yet External 2TB SSD drive

Ok, I also have an OPPO BDP-105. Boxed up after getting the 205. I was going to pass it down to my daughter then I read something about it and the right software being able to rip SACD’s. I need to try that.

yea saw that as well. Seems pretty difficult ?

It might be easier at this point to use dbpoweramp to rip the CD to my Mac. Then drag it over to the Nucleus?

I do both. Originally ripped my small 300 cd collection with dbpoweramp before I got Roon. Now I rip new additions with the Nuc for immediate access. Quick and easy. Use dbpoweramp to keep my original source on the pc up to date and backed up.

Takes a little effort to set up properly but, once that is done, the actual ripping process is quite simple. I do it often whenever I get a new disc to rip and it takes only 2 clicks…

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