Ripping CDs into a nucleus - odd error message

I have the latest version of Roon on all my devices.
I am ripping my CDs into a new SSD in my nucleus. A bit of a slog but going well for most CDs.
Roon failed totally to identify my Sony Igor Stravinsky conducting the Columbia Symphony Orchestra in the Firebird and The Rite of Spring. How do I get Roon to identify it? I do not want to have to update each track in turn. Can I ask for it to be added to a Roon database?

Also Roon on my MacBook Pro is showing a rotating symbol towards the top right of the Roon window.
When I go into Settings/About it shows a message which is essentially
Adding Music to Library: of 31 tracks, 31 added. 0 identified
Metadata Improver: Halted. Roon needs a software update.

What am I supposed to do now about this?

Hi @Julian_Kettle,

Would you kindly head over to the Nucleus Web Administration Interface and reboot the Nucleus? After doing this do you still see the error?


Many thanks for the advice.
I did as advised and the error was no longer displayed.
I am continuing to rip my CDs into the Nucleus music storage SSD and will know what to do if this error appears again.

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