Ripping CD's to Roon

I have read posts on “how to rip a CD” and none seem to apply to my situation. I am running both Roon and Roon core on a laptop. When I insert a disc into my external USB DVD drive Roon does not see it. Instead, I get a message asking me what action I want JRiver to take. JRiver is the media player I used prior to Roon. What should I do to correct this and get Roon acting as my ripping utility?

Don’t know what threads you have read but I believe that the inbuilt CD Ripping feature of Roon only applies to ROCK or Nucleus devices (and only with certain compatible USB CD drives).

Extensions have been developed to do this on other devices but you would have to search for the threads in the Tinkering section.

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Roon will play any ripped files, along as the format is supported. If you’re using Windows or Apple then just use any ripping software and move the files to your monitored folder.


Fair point. Where should I have posted it to? Did not see a category for PC’s.

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As Tony says, Roon’s CD Ripping feature is only present in devices using Roon’s operating system, i.e. the Nucleus, Nucleus+ or a NUC with ROCK installed.

I recommend using dBPowerAmp, it checks the quality of the rip [AccurateRip] and supports several file formats.
The folder structure / track name structure is also configurable.


Interesting you say that. I bought it shortly after posting based on its ratings by users. Was using JRiver and not getting great results. So far dB seems better.


dBpoweramp CD ripper is well regarded on this forum. It’s easy to use, has good customisation features and uses AccurateRip. The latter is particularly useful if you’re ripping second hand CDs that haven’t been looked after very well!


I would agree that dbpoweramp appears to be the ripping software of choice.

However I already had jriver so have been using that with great success.

What problems were you having with it?

It is not finding cover art recently. It has always been somewhat hit and miss in that regard if my memory serves me.

I think that depends on what metadata service you have it set for.
Only truly obscure albums have come up empty of cover art for myself

An example of a JRiver failure to find cover art is Alison Krauss and Union station; not an oddball disc at all. On the other hand, dB Power is finding some pretty off-the-beaten-path stuff, but cant rip a lot of discs without errors. I cant remember JRiver having issues ripping unless a disc is physically damaged. PITA to pay $39 for something (dB Power) that has issues with ripping discs. I think I will see if I can set JRiver to more metadata sources.

It’s not that dBpoweramp is having issues/creating errors. The rip using dBpoweramp will be the same as the rip created by other software. The “error” comes from the comparison of the rip with the AccurateRip database. If you’re getting lots of errors with discs that you know are alright, there may be an issue with the configuration of Accurate Rip on your particular CD drive.

Got it, I’ll go and see if the people at dBPower can assist.

Found the primary issue. Default rip setting is “Burst”; once set to “Secure” the error rate dropped way down. It should be noted that having CRC enabled can create issues as was pointed out to me by other users of the software (was not enabled). Also, part of the confusion comes from getting used to the dB ripping software doing the Accurate rip comparisons as you point out. It seems to flag errors that JRiver simply did not; at least that is my sense short of running any comparisons. So far I am very satisfied with the product.


If you still have JRiver installed , let it do the ripping work it will give you perfect rip You can also check and correct tags before adding to the Roon library

I would recommend you set up a “working” folder to use to correct stuff before dropping the finished folder into Roon’s Watched Folder

If you need any help just shout I use JRiver routinely in parallel to Roon and have for 10 years odd

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Appreciate the offer, Mike. I have used JRiver for many years. Simply too involved. I have found it glitchy and overly complicated from day one to the present. I think it is a good product for those that want more control and don’t mind getting into the weeds. I am not saying it does not work, I am simply saying it requires more effort than is worth my time. Roon on the other hand has been amazing glitch-free as a player and organizer of my music.

Absolutely EXACTLY the way i do it and use JRiver ( as I already had it)
It drops the rips into a “music” folder that is not watched by Roon.
I go in and check and make any edits I like or need and then transfer to my Roon watched folder.
Sure its a couple more steps but pretty much foolproof.