Ripping CD's with i9

I am running Roon on my ST i9 with Roon and HQ player embedded. My music is on a NAS and the i9 feeds an UltraRendu. It is controlled by an iPad.

How do I rip CD’s now that the i9 is computer not a laptop.

I have used the search area but don’t come up with the process.

Can you send me in the correct direction for the process.

Thanks Brad

Ripping is only available on the ROCK os. For windows or mac you will need a third party utility. What os are you using on your i9?

I can’t answer that for you. I purchased the SGC i9 with Roon embedded. SGC is Linux based so I don’t know if that helps.

I can’t believe that there isn’t a path to rip a disc via external drive to Roon in the i9 and store it on the NAS.

I just don’t know how it is done.

The following should work on the sonicTransporter but as it hasn’t been confirmed to work yet, let me know how it goes.

If you are running SonicOrbiter version 2.7 or later you should be able to install the Roon Extension Manager.

When that is done you can open the Extension Manager via Settings→Extensions on your Roon Remote and install the CD Ripper extension from the Tools category.

During installation you have to supply the device path of the external drive in the Docker Install Options, this is typically something like /dev/sr0 or /dev/sr1. I don’t know what is the easiest way to determine this on the sonicTransporter (do you have ssh access?), maybe @agillis can give us a hint.

@Brad_Rockwood you are already ripping CDs on your computer and copying them to your NAS. Why no just keep doing that?

Thanks Jan_K i will look into this.

What exactly is ssh?

I was ripping CD’s through a laptop.
I would like to eliminate the laptop for the same reason I purchased the sonicTransporter i9 it sounds so much better than the laptop.

Do I have ssh access as Jan_K enquired about.

You use ssh (secure shell) to login to a device on the local network from e.g. you laptop, once connected you can give commands to the device. Question is if this service is enabled on the sonicTransporter.

If it is it can be used to determine the device path of the external drive.

If you are interested in CD ripping on the i9 contact us using the contact US button on we have a new solution for that.