Ripping challenge

I am trying to rip a 2 disc cd. Every time I try to rip the second cd, it asks if I wish to overwrite the first cd I ripped.

I am working with:

Cambridge CXN V2

Not uncommon. This is usually the result of the manufacturer labeling the two discs identically. The way to get around it is, after ripping, to rename the first disc. That way your system will not think they are the same.


No, the way to fix this is to fix it in dBpoweramp. If it says disc 1 of 1 then you need to change that to disc 1 0f and then 2 of 2.


Same thing. Change the name. Not everyone uses dBpoweramp.

It’s not the same thing. What I suggested is the right solution and is not the same as changing the name which is the wrong way to go because the metadata would be all wrong and will likely show up as two albums. He uses dBpoweramp so I provided a dBpoweramp solution that works properly with Roon…

I use dbPoweramp as well and agree with both about either putting the CD numbers in or renaming the folders.

It’s good to have a set process for handling these types of things. So for example for multi album set’s, I have a rename process at the end of the rip using mp3tag (windows) that I rename all my albums without the Disc 1, 2 etc and add a tag at the front CD1 - 01 - Track number as for me that helps outside of Roon for playing albums in order. But I always make sure the correct information is in the disc no field.

Do whatever works for you and helps organise your music, but aim for consistency as it helps in the long run.


As above, along time user of mp3tag. When I finish ripping the first disk, it goes straight into the software and I set it to disc #1, then rip the second disc and sent that to disc #2. I now add all the files and add the metadata along with renaming the files which include the track number.

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