Ripping directly to nucleus with apple superdrive?

I have a new Nucleus. When I was using I-Tunes for archiving my CDs, I transferred a significant number of ALAC music files to my hard drive. This was done on a MacMini with an Apple Superdrive. This hard drive is now connected to the Nucleus. Had to use a C to A adaptor and it works fine. I was very pleased that the Nucleus seamlessly “added” these files into the library, complete with album art. Roon recognizes all these downloads and plays them flawlessly.

I want to be able to rip CDs to the library in lossless format. I have read through the Nucleus manual about this, and I understand that I am able to connect a CDROM drive and rip in the usual way. Is the Apple Superdrive suitable for direct USB hookup to the Nucleus, or is there a better choice of drive for this? Apple does not publish full tech specs for the Superdrive on their website, so I am thus far unable to determine if it will “present correctly” to the Nucleus. I thought someone here might already know the answer to this.

Seem to remember vaguely that the Apple Superdrive was stated to NOT work on the Nucleus. But hey, if you’ve got one, no-one is stopping you and try it - you won’t destroy anything…

The super drive works.

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Thanks for the timely replies. Good to get a dispositive solution from Danny himself. Very much appreciate that.

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