Ripping double Albums or box sets

Good morning and thank you in advance for reading this post and responding to my query. I have a Roon Nucleus + Rev. B with an internal Samsung 2 TB SSD installed. Today I hooked up my Apple super drive do one of the USB ports at the back of the Nucleus + to rip some CDs on its internal SSD. Normally, the process is very smooth and seamless when it comes to ripping a single CD. The challenge comes in when you were ripping a double album or a box set.

Firstly, I ripped a double album of Joan Jett’s greatest hits to the internal SSD. For some reason, at least inexplicable to me, it only picked up on disc 1 in the Roon’s application/database on my Mac mini. I could not find the second disc of the album. Then I went to the ‘CD Rips’ folder and deleted both disc, which I was able to find it and isolate, so that I could do it all over again. On my second attempt at ripping this double album, I got this warning sig ‘this disc has already been ripped’ or something to that effect. I tried several methods to make this work, including rebooting the nucleus plus and clearing out the cache from the roon application settings, but it didn’t work. Is there a way you can help or suggest some other way to do it?

Secondly, I ripped afford this box set of the police ‘message in a box’ which was a better experience. It only recognized the first disk but after navigating the roon application menu I was able to click on ‘Identif’ tab and it showed me the complete box set. I was able to select the correct disk with the corresponding songs in that particular disc which was thankfully and effort that worked.

Thirdly, I ripped the double CD album of Pink Floyd’s ‘the wall’. Again, it picked up only the first disc with it’s album art and songs and not the second one. Again, I use the identification tab feature and was able to identify the discs but unfortunately both discs 1 and 2 show the same songs even though I know the song menu on the two discs are different.

I know this is a lot to ask but since I have to rip a lot of CDs, a lot of them being double albums or box sets, what should I do moving forward to prevent running into this problem again and fix the problem that I mentioned above?

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Not sure I have a specific answer as I don’t use the CD ripper extension in Roon. I did, however, find the Apple Superdrive somewhat flakey for ripping CDs and ditched it in favour of something more robust:

I am having the same problem with double albums

Hey @Salman_Kazim,

Thank you for the detailed description of the steps you’ve taken to rip your CDs - I’m only sorry they weren’t correctly identified.

I’m sorry it took us this long to reply to your thread - if you spend any time on community, you may have seen us saying that we are stretched a bit thin since the Roon release. We’re doing all we can to reply to everyone as fast as possible.

While I wish I could do more, at this point, I can say that one of our technicians will get in touch as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I was wondering, did you get a chance to read this article?

Thanks in advance :pray:

During the last year I ripped about 900 CDs to my Nucleus (using mostly the Apple super drive). A lot of these were double or triple CDs, and there were CD boxsets, the biggest containing 82 CDs.

I don‘t have my Nucleus here, so I can‘t recall the exact names of the functions I will describe, but I hope it makes sense to you.

I always ripped the CDs in the right order, no idea if that makes a difference, but that‘s how I did it.

After ripping the first CD I usually saw the cover of the boxset, not always though. From CD2 on the rips are not recognized by Roon, so you‘ll see the standard picture for unrecognized rips…no reason to worry. I continued ripping CD after CD (and in one case that were 82).

After finishing I went to „Album“ view and selected all CDs that belonged to that collection. Then I clicked on top of the Page on „Edit“ and after that on „Merge“. That always brought me to a new page. On the right side of this page there was a button that said something like „connect tracks with correct CD“ ( I really can‘t remember what the actual words were). I clicked on that and after a few seconds the magic was done.

I have no idea if this is the official way, but this did the job for me… I think someone on this forum once pointed this out to me.


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