Ripping my CD's via Nucleus - not identifying the Album


as I have only for around 2 days and I am new I am not sure if I am bring up a point that is already described somewhere.

I have started ripping my CD’s via the Nucleus. (I have on my computer also dBpoweramp-but consider it easier to use directly the Nucleus). I have an external LG-CD-Burner via USB
But I have cases in which the Ripping Programm of the Nucleus is not identifying the Titles and the Artist - but is creating a folder CD-Rip with nameless tracks.
For example I have the 2 Disc Album of Melody Gardot - Live in Europe - and Roon identified the first disc but not the second. Or in the classic section - Pablo Casals - Franz Schubert - Quintet in C Major Op. 163, D956,

Should I retry the ripping for the CD or can I give any instruction/advise to Roon to identify the Artist/Tracks?

Alternatively I can use my old/current dBpoweramp and copy the Tracks via the Network on the internal Storage of the Nucleus - but also here I head a strange case - as I was copying all Titles on the internal storage of the Nucleus but in Roon I was only able to see the first Title (even all titles were in the storage of the internal drive of the nucleus - which is by the way a SSD Drive from Samsung with 256 GB.

If somebody can give me an advice or can send me any existing instruction or guideline it would be great. If possible I would prefer to rip directly via the Nucleus.

Thanks for your support.


I always and always recommend using dbpoweramp to rip. And then copy the files to Roon storage.

Hello Daniel,

thanks for your advice.

do you recommend dbpoweramp because of the “better ripping” via accurate ripping and better identification of Tracks/Album? or what are from you point of view the disadvantages/advantage of the Roon Ripping vs. the dbpoweramp ripping.

and why you ripping with dbpoweramp via the network not directly into the Roon storage? any reason or both possible?


Using the built-in ripping function of Roon will always produce folders with a timestamp as the name, and with only numbered tracks in them. Album titles and track titles are held in Roon’s database only, and not used to name folders and tracks as dBpoweramp will do.

As long as Roon has successfully identified the CD, then this is not an issue, the problem arises when Roon is unable to identify the CD. This can often happen with box-sets, because the metadata is often of poor quality. This is where dBpoweramp has the advantage, since the metadata can be corrected before the rip takes place. For Roon, correcting of the metadata has to occur after the rip, when Roon says it has failed to identify the album, or has created several albums containing a few tracks.

When these situations arise, manual intervention is necessary, and there are different strategies that can be used, depending on what has happened.

If you are a dBpoweramp user, you can edit the metadata directly in the Nucleus rips to help Roon properly identify the CD, or to provide the metadata that you want to see when the CD is completely unknown to Roon.

You can edit the files afterwards this is how I do it. I rip with ROCK and then edit them with MP3 tag afterwards. I don’t want to plug my cd drive into my laptop to rip so me it works well. I have not had any discs that Roon has not identified itself when ripping. I add me own metadata purley as I also use my files on the go so need the tags.

Hi Geoff,

many thanks for your good advise. :slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

if I edit the metadata via dBpoweramp in the Nucleus - do I need to fill the data 100 % for all tracks or would it be possible to input only to name the album and the Artist and Roon is via this information completing the information for all tracks on the album? (or to name 1-2 tracks)

Hello CrystalGipsy

I had unfortunately already a number of cases. And I would like to avoid to input a lot of manual information which takes time and could be wrong. Also I would like that Roon is identifying the album - that I can see the cover and get the background info.

If I don’t get this I would not load such an album on Roon.

If the album is showing up in Roon as “unidentified”, then I would first try helping Roon to identify the album properly using the “Identify Album” function in Roon’s Album Editor.

If that fails, I would then try assigning just the Album and the Artist to the tracks in the ripped album folder using dBpoweramp (select the tracks in File Explorer, and right-click to use the dBpoweramp tag editor). That may be sufficient to help Roon identify the album. If not, then personally, I would re-rip the album using dBpoweramp on the PC (so as to get all the tracks titled) and use that rip in place of the Nucleus rip. It would be quicker than having to re-title all the tracks manually.

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