Ripping Oddities of Late…

I am tinkering with some new rips for my Roon core setup I am working on. I am using iTunes as I always have, but in checking the files, for meta data and such, I am seeing an odd behavior, and a new one on me. Some tracks are being appended with the number (1) at the end of the track name, as per the attached picture. Not every track, just here and there. I am unsure what to make of this, as there should not be a second file in the same folder, for it to attach the number to it.

So if anyone has seen this, I would sure like to know the cause. It is making a lot of hand work for me.

Is iTunes up to date? There was apparently a bug which did this at some point. Normally, a 1 would be appended if the file name already exists. I use and recommend NameChanger for changing multiple file names at one, use a match rule to remove “ 1”.

1 Like is the iTunes I have, I think it current. Just something very odd… thanks.