Ripping ready for Roon

Hi there, I’m pretty sure I’ll be heading down the Roon path once it’s released; at the moment I’m still CD and iTunes based, so I’m going to need to re-rip my music.

In all of the chat on the forum there’s been little talk about ripping, can you advise on what you recommend so I can start pre-emptively ripping.


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Exact Audio Copy, dbpoweramp, and X Lossless Decoder all come highly recommended by us, you’ll be in great shape when we launch if you use any of those. Glad to hear you’re on board!

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Would you anticipate any downside to utilising an existing library of Apple lossless files, ripped on a Mac in iTunes with error correction switched on?



Hi George,

I had a play with dbpoweramp a while back and found that it refused to rip some CDs after multiple re-read attempts, whereas iTunes ripped quickly with error correction switched on.

So I think iTunes error correction is exactly what it says it is and will give non bit-perfect rips (hence my question abut re-ripping).

Cheers, David

I’ve been using jRiver, and after each rip there’s a report if any errors existed. Seems to do a good job… anyone else have an opinion on jRiver Media Center 20? Cheers, Rob

I’m part-way through my ripping process (FLAC lossless level 8 in dBpoweramp with the AccurateRip check).

The difference from the iTunes ripped ALAC has been surprising (and I’m not the most critical of listeners).

Cheers, David

I am on the same journey as Mesmo with re-ripping my 500+ CD collection for my iTunes library to RIP.

I am using EAC and wonder if there are any recommended settings to use when creating the Flac files for Roon e.g. for matching of files with artists and albums.


A good option would be the microJukebox. The microJukebox is a self contained CD ripper and music storage server. Soon it will be able to run Roon Server as well.

You don’t always want a computer to be on in order to access your Roon library. This way your music is always available.

for ripping an entire cd collection you’re not going to get better than dbpoweramp’s batch ripper which enables concurrent ripping of multiple cds.

As you have invoked the holy name of DBPowerAmp :grinning: , do you have a recommended string for the dynamic output settings ? My goto string which has evolved occasionally over the years may not be outputing optimal directory paths for multi-CD albums. Anyone have a strong opinion ?