Rme adi-2 dac fs

Is it really as good as the reviews imply, either as a main system DAC/pre-amp, or preferably with headphones? Too bad Roon can’t control its output volume.

Really good.

Yes it’s really good at both.

I thinking about Ropiee, an adi-2 dac, and a pair of nc400 mono blocks…

I am using the ADI-2 DAC as preamp and headphone amp together with two Audiolab Monoblocks. No problems with this combination.


I’m currently using an Allo Boss DAC (Rpi 3 +) to Naim Supernait 2 integrated amp to Rega R5 speakers. Source Is Roon ROCK. Would the RME ADI 2 instead of Allo Boss be significant improvement in sound quality? I’m also interested in loudness function of RME

Not heard the boss but own an RME it’s best DAC I have heard and would recommend it to anyone and it’s built very well pretty much impervious to outside interference and all inputs sound the same to me. I use the loudness settings for headphones and it works brilliantly. Not sure it would work into the supernait unless it has a pre in or you will be double attenuating the volume.