RME ADI-2 Pro with Roon Volume Control?


Can you tell me if the RME ADI-2 Pro using Roon I can adjust the volume control with Roon? I only want to use this dac for 2ch playback and use its DSD capability.



@support can you help any?

Can anyone help?


Hi @jtwrace ---- Thank you for you patience.

In regard to your question, if the device exposes standard USB Audio 2.0 volume controls, it should work.


This is basically USB HID volume control you are talking about, right? I’m also wondering the same question. I asked on the CA forum and Miska said he thought not but didn’t sound 100% sure. The OP… did you ever find out the answer for sure?

I asked on the RME forum and was told it doesn’t support USB HID control i.e. “Device Controls” in Roon. Which is a shame as am a big fan of USB HID control and the RME looks like a great unit otherwise.