RME logo in the list of devices

Would it be possible to add RME logo in to the list of manufacturers.
After all on of the best DAC’s out there

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It’s not a Roon tested device. Only Roon tested get logos. RME would need to send one to Roon for certification. Not up to Roon ask RME.

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Has been asked before. RME not interested.

All clear. THX

Isn’t there anything more important to ask for than showing a logo? It should be more than enough if RME can be used and if it plays fine. Just amazing.

We don’t add device logos unless they’re Roon Ready or Roon Tested (getting manufacturer approval is part of the certification process). Your best bet is to reach out to RME and request that they become a partner, we’d be glad to work with them!

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