RME users Loudness or not, what other features should I use?

As a newcomer to this DAC and its features, I am finding it loudness control rather good. I don’t listen at ear ponding levels and it seems to give a good balance of b&t at all levels. Any body else use it and any other tips for maximising this DAC with headphones?

Have you applied a DSP profile for the headphone model?

In Roon, tried them ages ago didnt like what they did, the Meze 99’s are not meant to be Neutral, took all the fun out of them.

I just tried upsampling to the hghest the DAC can do just to see, god its horrid . Never noticed it make that much differebce on other kit but via the RME it destroys it and takes the life out of it. No I understand why some people slag of Roons DSP.

Hey G,

Have you programmed any functions into your remote? If you haven’t perhaps add a small number of your most used tweaks.

Oh wait…have you got the latest funky remote or the original? I think the updated remote gives access to eq, bass, treble and more, where the required programming into buttons 1-4.


Yep it’s the updated remote. So I can turn and mess with b&t , loudness etc but not got round to really much else, the manual is rather daunting. Was surprised at how much difference loudness makes though. I might play around with EQ and like Geds suggests try some of the AutoEQ headphones settings and see if it’s DSP is better than Roons, not been impressed with upsampling. It’s such a lovely piece of kit, very pleased with it, main hifi hardly gets an look in.

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What I use sometimes - more on an experimental basis - is the RME’s crossfeed. But I’m not sure if it would make sense for your use case and especially the recordings you listen to.

Most of the time, the ADI just does its thing: being a DAC/preamp or at night a headphone amp. Sometimes I enjoy switching the display on and watching the bars move with the music. It’s cool… :grinning:

BTW, as for DSP profiling headphones: I’m with you, here. At least for the Sennheiser I currently use most of the time, the impression I have had was exactly as you describe: the profile flattens the fun out of it. :chart_with_downwards_trend:

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That remote is so much more user friendly than mine. Other than power, volume & input selection, anything else has to be programmed. I get that might be handy in the studio world, but it’s not overly home friendly.

Other than a slight spec improvement, I really think the latest release was all about the remote. According to the designers the sound is audibly exactly the same & hence no change of model number.

Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. :sunglasses:

They upgraded the DAC chip to the latest version I believe. But yes it’s a very satisfying piece of kit.