Roadmap for more DAPs fully supporting Roon ARC?

Hi Roon team!

Is there any roadmap or timeline that can be shared regarding more DAPS fully supporting ARC?

As far as I can tell, it is just the flagship Astell and Kern A&ultima SP3000 at this point

I can’t speak for Roon officially, but Roon typically does not discuss roadmaps or potential partner devices being evaluated. This question really should be asked of the DAP manufacturers.


ARC is supported on any DAP that’s meets the required specs, but it’s not bit perfect on any of them even A&K as the app doesn’t support it. A&K only added the app to the Whitelist of apps that can be installed that’s all it has no special features over any other platform.

You might be confusing Roon Ready which a few of their range of have and now so does the Fiio range from the M11S upwards.

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I was assuming the 3000 supported bit perfect playback via ARC based on this post and other similar ones but it sounds like i may be mistaken

Nope there are no special builds and ARC on Android is only bit perfect by USB DAC. Its on their radar to look and add it for inbuilt DACS but when it will happen is another story. Also ARC requires features that are only in Android 9 or higher so the A&K OS build would need to be on these versions of Android not sure many of them are.

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Good to know, appreciate the explanation!