Rock 1.8 causes crashes

same here. can’t see all settings.

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On iPadOS keeps crashing all the time. Latest iPad AIR model


Same here. iPhone ok.

Same here. Not possible to control roon via iPad. On the PC app, I cannot see other registercarda as the general start settings page.

what version of core and remote are you running?

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iOS Remote Version (according to App Store Germany): 1.8.00748
ROCK Versions:
RoonOS: 1.0 (build 227)
RoonServer: 1.8 (build 753)

So the IOS build version is slightly behind the core.

However, this does not happen- at least not to the same extent- using the iPhone App

Settings on Windows leads to a crash and Tidal scrolling with touch screen leads to a crash.
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, Build 19042.789.
Settings and Tidal scrolling only over Android device.

Remove app from iPad and reinstall, problem solved :smiley:

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No crashes here at all on new iPadAir. Language in German…

No crash here. I live in the Netherlands and first updated on my iPad Roon Remote ( in the App Store: “Werk bij”, that means “update the app”. After that I got the message that the Core (RoonServer on my Mac Mini 2020, Intel i5 processor, 16 gig memory, SSD 512 Gb) needed update (from 1.7 to 1.8). I downloaded the new 1.8 version and it installed. On the iPad in between I got in the Remote app the message to be patient (because the RoonServer needed time (to load all the music and other things).
When this process was far enough the Remote opened up in her new clothes. In my eyes of a fervent beholder a beautiful, modern outfit, the secrets of this new look I have to discover next days.
I want to say thanks to the programmers of this wonderful metamorphosis out of my heart as melomane. Stay safe and be happy,

Reinstall does not solve the issue

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OMG, Ipad crashes constantly. Mainly when accessing playlists, artists also not showing in playlists. Tapping settings, tracks, history causes also crashes. Sorry guys, not the update I was hoping for! Hope there soon will be bug fixes.
My Core Roon Rock version 1.8 (build 753) - Roon optimized Core Kit Version 1.0 (build 227)

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Okay what the hell is this? Infinite crashes… hello?
I thought some real it guys were behind roon and its code but clearly i was wrong… these are novice mistakes and should not happend! Did a fresh install on my main server, not a single other roon remote in the network. Yet when it starts and i click on ‘settings’ POEF instant darkness…

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Same crash problem on 2 windows pc. In one it crashes by clicking “settings”, in the other it enters the settings menu but shows only the first page with a strange layout (overlapping texts and lack of various submenus) and incomplete.
It also crashes when clicking on the “history” menu

With a non-english system all lists show no linked artist-names only a disturbed blue piece of graphics.
Opening tracks let my iPad Pro crash every time. And since the last screen is persistend it also crashs on restart, so only option is to delete and reinstall the app. Not funny.

Reinstalled the app, Now the app won’t even open and crashes immediately… Come on guys… what is this!??

So I have to switch the complete OS language to English just for a little remote app to work properly? It would be a minor problem running the roon app in English, which I did anyway, and keep the OS language German, French, Spanish, or what so ever. Publishing an app worldwide which is restricted to english operating systems seems unacceptable. Come on Roon, didn’t you have any Beta users outside the US?

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Download at NUC 7i5 doesńt geht complete. Since version 1.8 is already on the iPad Nottingham works. Can somebody help?