ROCK - advice on shifting from a nuc6i5 to a nuc7i3

Dear friends,

I’ve been enjoying the incredibly reliable experience of Roon ROCK on a nuc6i5. Current equipment is an intel 600p 128gb ssd, 8gb of Samsung ram, and a 2tb Seagate internal drive, streaming beautifully to Bluesound 1st gen Pulses and a 1st gen Node.

Am now about to repurpose the 6i5 to a hackintosh build, and just got a 7i3 to replace it for ROCK. The 7i3 though does not have space for an internal hdd, so will have to place the hdd into an external caddy. May I ask if I can simply shut the 6i5 down, extract the parts and drop them in the 7i3? Is there anything else I will have to do? Will the internal drive in the external USB3 caddy be automatically detected by the OS?

Am leery of having to do any messing around or reinstallation, etc, as I’ve been blessed with a fully reliable ROCK build so far. Am looking forward to your kind advice before I do this ‘brain transplant’ surgery!


Hi @tangco, maybe a silly question, but why repurpose the nuc6i5 instead of using the later nuc7i3 for the hackintosh build? I am sure that you have good reason, but I am a firm believer in the old adage that “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” .I also have ROCK on a NUC6i5SYH, also with 2Tb internal drive, and it also has been working flawlessly so if you don’t really have to disturb it perhaps leave it be :grinning:.

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Thanks David! I’ve been thinking that as well, but it’d seem that there are many successful reports of nuc6i5 hackintosh builds rather than the newer 7s, that’s why I’d rather play it safe there. A more powerful machine for hackintosh use would seem a better fit, as I realised I’m not doing too much DSP etc - so the 7i3 is more cost-effective in that regard.

Another reason as well will be to allow me to follow Roon best practices of using USB external drives for a ROCK build with the slimmer 2.5 hdd-less 7i3 - though that’s a distant second reason. Thanks for chiming in!

Hi @tangco. Fair enough :grinning:. Sorry I can not help you with the “migration” from the 6i5 to the 7i3 - I am not “techy” enough to advise on that, but I am sure that there are others, here on this wonderful Forum, more qualified to assist in that respect :grin:. If not perhaps @support can help.

There may be some issues but like you, I’d need to try it to find out.

I suggest you reformat any way to exfat so you can move the drive between machines later.