ROCK and external NAS or USB3-NUC-Disk

ROCK is on NUC8i7

I am considering to have the music-files on Synology
Bottle neck: 1 Gbit-Ethernet, Network

Otherwise, if it is allowed on the NUC, i use one USB3.1 port with a disc (using ExFat)
(Is this possible, could not find anything about this)

Currently it is a small 2,5 Disk with about 105 MByte/s Transferrate
Later on i can change it to a bigger 3,5 Disk

Are there any advises, which one will be the better way? Or does everything work fine.
Thank you

Either are okay. Ethernet isn’t going to be a bottleneck; a hi-res album wil take around 10s to transfer in its entirety, so streaming realtime will have no impact and I see no disernable difference between a local drive or file share.

That said, I have a 1TB Trascend StoreJet connected to the NUC USB3 interface for media. For compatability use exFAT. There is no need for a fast HDD. Some use ann SSD since the NUC is in their listening room.

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Great info.
I had the same conclusion, but was searching for confirmation
As NUC and NAS are in the cellar, noise is no problem.
Thank you!

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