ROCK and HDMI output

I see that at least a couple of people have had success running ROCK on a dedicated NUC and using the HDMI port as their output

I am using Roon on an i5 Small Green computer box and although technically it will output through the HDMI port, it won’t do it for more than an hour or so. Very flaky.

I am looking for a better solution for using Roon and the ROCK/NUC sounds ideal as i want to go directly to my Marantz 8802a through HDMI.

My question: how many of you are using ROCK streaming two channel music through HDMI? Anybody having any problems or it is just as solid as Roon generally is?

Thanks for your help and yes, I did review all of the posts I could find …

Peter Truce

It’s solid here; for both 2 and 5.1 music. Using Rock on a NUC7i5BNH motherboard transplanted into an Akasa fanless case. HDMI connected to a Denon 3808 AVR.

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Great news, thanks.


My ROCK power NUC plays two-channel audio fine using the HDMI output. I don’t like the way Roon handles 2 channel files with the HDMI output is set to 5.1 or 7.1, but it works great set to 2.0 when listening to 2-channel music.

Thanks, Steven for the report. I am only going to play 2 channel files. So it plays for hours with no hiccups?


I haven’t had any problems.

Hi, all,

Does anyone know if ROCK will play native DSD via HDMI? @danny

@wizardofoz just out of curiosity have you explored the above via your equipment? Thanks much for all your help in checking on my question a couple months ago.

My issue is still trying to find a work around to get DSD to play natively on my Emotiva XMC-1. I would prefer not having to buy another DAC…and would rather invest in getting Roon to work well for the future (ie buy a NUC and run ROCK). The DAC on the Emotiva does not accept DoP.

Cheers, all

Joshua I’m not sure if the xmc-1 supports DSD but if it does I think it’s only 64 at best…I’ll try to check it on my core (windows) and maybe move my rock close enough to test that too

Thanks. Just ordered my NUC for ROCK.


FYI, if either of you employ any useful processing (Dirac Live, parametric EQ, bass management, surround processing) on the Emotiva XMC-1, then you are not getting native DSD, regardless of input format.


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I’ve never activated Dirac on either of my Xmc-1’s. As for DSD I do that into a DAC and balanced out to the XMC. Unless it’s perhaps an SACD in my oppo via hdmi

Hi, all,

As a FYI the XMC-1 can play native DSD via HDMI (I think up to 64). I got it to work via my Oppo 103 (which is connected to the XMC-1 via HDMI). Keeping my fingers crossed that ROCK is an all in one solution- i.e., it can send native DSD as well as other formats to the XMC-1 via HDMI. Right now Roon is changing the DSD signal to PCM 176.4.

Thanks for letting me know what you find out.


@Willie4Prez I should note that my XMC-1 is one of the first batch a couple of years ago now…and its currently on firmware 4.0

I now play DSD though a DSD capable DAC then via Balanced input 1 or the Analogue 1 inputs. HDMI on the XMC is really only best for Video.

I was looking to convert my Intel NUC Roon Rock to fanless. Which Akasa case did you use? Any other tips on doing this modification?

I used a Newton S7 - it was designed to handle my particular generation NUC and up to the Core i5 level (not suitable for Core i7).

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