ROCK and music files backup

I recently installed ROCK onto a NUC6i5, in the AKASA fanless case. Music storage is on two external 2TB USB drives, formatted ExFAT. Very happy with the musical result, but migrating from my Mac Mini has meant that I can no longer use Time Machine as my music backup strategy (so the official Roon recommendation to use an existing backup strategy doesn’t work). I would prefer not to use a NAS unless it is unavoidable, and ideally would be backing up my music on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule automatically, as with Time Machine. Any suggestions appreciated.

In Windows, I can map the ROCK USB Drive music storage folder as local drives to the PC and use my backup software to back it up. Maybe Mac has something similar?

It does, and I put in in the login items and it mounts at reboot.

Thanks - will give it a try. Hopefully resolved the issue.

How to backup the music files from ROCK, when you don’t have an additional Computer?

ROCK is a dedicated linux music os. As far as I know, the only backup routine built into ROCK is limited to the Roon database. I use a separate computer for music file backups (and a NAS) because there was no practical alternative. I have over 3TB of music, so multiple backups are essential. You will find a broader discussion on backups elsewhere on the forum.

For ROCK the first step is to mount the ROCK SMB share locally. You use guest credentials for this. Once the drive is mounted locally you can access your external drives and music folders.

You’re then free to use whatever backup software you feel comfortable with. If you have a Mac one of the preferred, but not exactly easiest, is rsync. The rsync program will keep two folders in sync and you can schedule this to run as often as you want or run it manually.